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At Koditex our philosophy on all assignments is to tailor an approach that meets our client's specific needs. The approach included in this proposal has been designed to meet the need included in your proposal invitation.

External audits of public institutions calls for an integrated approach hence our team composition would consider very experienced and multi-skilled staff and the key elements to our approach would include:

 Thorough briefing of auditors, detailed planning and tailoring of audit programs for use by the Siero & Associate staff assigned.

 Responsiveness to changes that may arise during the assignment

 Working closely with the management in the identification and resolution of problems as they arise. In this way we ensure there are no "surprises"

 Quality control reviews by the assignment partner to ensure quality and productivity are maintained at all times

Siero & Associates has a number of approaches that could be adopted depending on the specific terms of reference defined. The Methodologies adopted are usually designed with flexibility to ensure all the specific project needs are met. The model integrates the approaches with the best practices for strategy, process and technology improvements.
The performance audits will be performed in the following distinct phases of the work stages.

 Preliminary & Engagement Stage

 Planning Stage including Risk Assessment, Preparation of detailed work programmes and control evaluation.

 Field work Stage including Substantive Testing & Control

 Reporting and follow-up.

It is important to note that the phases of the work are not discrete but a process. Information gained at any stage in the process will, whenever possible, be used to modify our work and improve our services to you. We drill down through the organization in our audit process to ensure complete process of inquiry

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